“we dance our madness,

we dance our joy.

oh precious ones, the fun has just begun,

Wild music is in the air;

there’s beauty flowing everywhere.” –James Green

I never grew up eating ginger so sometimes I find it difficult adding it to my cooking. It has a strong flavor to it but added to the right foods it can make for mouth watering meals!

One of my new favorite ways to eat ginger is in a lentil soup! The soup is super easy to make and so healthy for you. It also tastes amazing! I use a pressure cooker to cook the lentils but you can also boil all the ingredients together in a pot. I have mentioned the benefits of ginger for our health below the recipe.  Enjoy!!!

  1. In a pressure cooker or pot combine all the ingredients together.
  2. 1 cup red lentils
  3. 4 cups water
  4. 1 green chili chopped
  5. 4-5 cloves of garlic
  6. 1 teaspoon chopped ginger
  7. salt and pepper
  8. Cooking in a pressure cooker cook on high until 2 whistles, then turn to low, wait for 2 more whistles then turn off. Open only when the lid pressure is gone.

You can eat the soup alone or add some organic brown rice to it.

10 Health benefits of ginger:

  1. Helps calm nausea and vomiting
  2. Digestive Tract Protection
  3. Brain Health
  4. Migraine Relief
  5. Protection from UV rays
  6. Supports Stable Blood Sugar
  7. Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure
  8. May Benefit Osteoarthritis
  9. Helps with Muscle Aches and Discomfort
  10. May Benefit Cardiovascular Function

To see the full article explaining each of the health benefits visit


Thank you!!

Jillian Mitchell