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Hi, I’m Jillian Mitchell,

I make facial & body products, mineral make up and soap.

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I started making my own products because I have 4 children and I want to know what is going on their skin. (The largest organ we have!) Everything we put on our skin absorbs into our blood stream. I also want to know what is going on and in my own skin! All my ingredients are free from chemicals, preservatives and any other harmful ingredients often found in beauty products. All of my products are made with either organic or natural ingredients.


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Health and Wellness

~Tips from Jillian~

Aloo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower)

Aloo Gobi is a wonderful dish full of so much flavor. I like to serve it with an Indian bread and plain yogurt, This recipe serves 2-3 people. Ingredients: 2/3 potatoes.  1 head of cauliflower 1 onion 1 large tomato 5 cloves of garlic 2 green chilies 1 teaspoon...

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Lentil Ginger Soup

  “we dance our madness, we dance our joy. oh precious ones, the fun has just begun, Wild music is in the air; there’s beauty flowing everywhere.” –James Green I never grew up eating ginger so sometimes I find it difficult adding it to my cooking. It has a strong...

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Vitamin C for Anti-aging

Vitamin C is wonderful natural product well known for it's anti-aging properties.  I recently added Vitamin C to my Anti Aging & Firming Eye Mask.  Viamin C is a popular Anti-oxidant and is a required component in the production of collagen, the tissue responsible...

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About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Jillian. I create skin care products that are made from all organic and natural ingredients. I am also passionate about alternative health, cooking healthy meals, massage therapy, natural healing, gardening, nature, the ocean, dancing, and connecting with people from all over the world. I am currently studying my Professional Aromatherapy Course so if you have any questions about essential oils I would be happy to try and help. I try to bring all my passions into one to create a happy and healthy life for my children and I. I would love to share the knowledge I have gathered over the years to help you live a more natural and organic lifestyle. Please take your time to look around my site. Thank you for visiting!!
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What Our Customers are Saying

“Feeling clean and fresh faced in juicy peach blush by Kitty Coleman Natural Bliss-Soaps, Lotions & Potions. I’ve been using this new natural and locally made skin care line. And I’m so impressed with it! It’s all I’ve used on my skin for months and I’ve seen huge improvements in the health of my skin ♡ I’ve been using the repairing eye cream, rose toner, face moisturizer and lip conditioning balm daily. All organic and made here in town. Many more products available from anti cellulite oils to detoxifying face masks and make up. ☆Check out the page ☆”

Joyce Dawn

“I love the Rose Floral Toner Jill. Honestly my skin has never looked better!”

Katie Lee

“Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this exciting journey. Please know that your contribution and patronage is valued and appreciated.”

Jillian Mitchell

Owner, Kitty Coleman Natural Bliss

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All my ingredients are free from chemicals, preservatives, and any other harmful ingredients often found in beauty products. All of my products are made with either organic or natural ingredients. They contain no water (eliminating the possibility of a watered-down effect), which allows those natural ingredients do their magic work on our skin.

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